make a good first impression on your exhibition stand
make a good first impression on your exhibition stand

Knowing how to make a good first impression can help you in many situations. Maybe you have a job interview coming up. You could be going on a first date. Starting a new job. Or, you might want to make a good impression at a business meeting.

Whatever your reason, knowing how to make a good first impression can help you achieve great things.

Think about it. First impressions count. Get it wrong and you’ll find yourself working twice as hard to establish a relationship.

However, if you get it right the first time you are on to a winner.

My business, Quadrant2 Design, operates within the exhibition industry and have yet to receive clarity about reopening. Whilst waiting patiently, many of the individuals working in the events industry have lost their jobs. Businesses have gone under. And venues lie dormant.

The UK’s exhibitions and events industry are, however, facing a bigger and potentially more catastrophic problem; our primary venues have been turned into unused Nightingale hospitals. The exhibitions industry is in urgent need of clarity about when and where venues might be able to open again.

None of this is to say the Nightingale hospitals should not have been…

The statistics have been all over the place. Nobody, especially Boris Johnson, knows how many people are employed in the events industry. That might be why we’ve been excluded. And why 1,000,000 jobs are now at risk.

Event industry employees
Event industry employees

With the furlough scheme coming to an end, how many jobs are at risk in the events and exhibition industry?

If you’ve been following the news, you’ll know the struggles facing the events industry. We have been excluded. With the furlough scheme coming to an end and no sign of a restart date, how many jobs are at risk? To answer that question, we have to look at how many people work in the events industry.

Key Statistics

  • The events industry contributes £70 billion to…
Helm Photo Floor Exhibition Stand
Helm Photo Floor Exhibition Stand

Step away from the grey carpet in exchange for a fully branded photo-floor experience, giving your exhibition stand a cohesive branded look.

What type of flooring should you use on your exhibition stand?

Your exhibition stand flooring can make a huge impact on the trade show floor. Sometimes less is more. But sometimes more is definitely more.

In this guide, we’ll cover your flooring options to help you make the right choices when it comes to designing your exhibition stand.

Just when you thought you had your exhibition planning under control, someone mentions flooring. You’ll be presented with options, all of which claim to enhance your exhibition stand design.

The design…

Hybrid Events are events that take place both in-person and online. They have seen a surge in popularity as event organisers put plans in place for the future. With travel restrictions and social distancing measures still in place, your business will likely be invited to participate in a hybrid event very soon.

Everything you need to know about Hybrid Events

Events can happen anywhere, be it online or in a physical place. Hosting an event is simply the act of bringing people together, usually with a shared interest.

There are hundreds of subcategories that fall into the ‘events’ title. Think festivals, conferences, weddings, seminars. The list is endless…

Why Exhibition Models don’t deserve to be getting the chop

By Natalka Antoniuk, Quadrant2Design | 30th January 2020


Whether you like it or not, booth babes are still very much a part of exhibitions. Despite the controversy, bans and threats you will almost definitely see a booth babe at the next trade show you attend.

Promotional models spend their time posing for photos with delegates and gawkers alike. Questions have been raised as to whether or not using booth babes can improve the effectiveness of your exhibit.

Promotional model agencies offer businesses the chance to hire these trade show models. Companies like Exhibition Girls and Dreams Agency allow you to…

Trade shows are gearing up to return. They’ll be looking different for sure, but our guide will help you adjust to exhibiting post-covid.

In this article, we’ll go over what you can expect from your trade show marketing strategy post-covid. We’ll highlight the official government guidelines and answer your questions about the future of virtual events. Will they still be important when physical events are back up and running? Finally, we will give you some tips as to how to maximise your ROI at your first exhibition post-covid.

It seems like everyone in the events industry has been making predictions…

Are you responsible for planning your company’s next exhibition stand project? 👩‍💼

Our planning tool will ensure you stay on track, prompting you to take action when necessary, ensuring a hassle-free experience, from booking your space to the finished exhibition stand.

Free Project Planner download

We know it’s not easy keeping on top of everything that goes into your live marketing strategy.

But don’t let planning get you down! We’ve created this free exhibition planning template to help you organise your Exhibition stand and make sure all of your trade shows run smoothly.

The exhibition planning template has been compiled by our Senior Project…

Large format graphic design team
Large format graphic design team

It’s always great when someone can do a job for you. It takes the weight off of your shoulders and means you can prioritise your workload differently. That’s why our approach to your exhibition stand is popular with all of our clients. Check out our client reviews if you don’t believe us.

We handle everything from the initial designs right through until the installation and dismantle of your custom modular exhibition stand. Throughout the course of planning and attending your show, our project managers will keep an eye on everything so you can worry about your business whilst we take…

exhibition stand floor space shell scheme or space only
exhibition stand floor space shell scheme or space only

If you are new to exhibiting, you probably have a host of questions. Our customers often ask us which trade show is the right one for them or what they should do next in their exhibition organisation. As experts in the exhibition industry, we’re more than happy to give our advice.

The most common thing that people ask us about is floor space. You want to surround yourself with complementary neighbours who could help you generate more leads. Then you have to consider the flow of traffic. Is being by the door a good idea? …

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Owner of; Writer at; and Eater at Cadbury World

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